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apa nak bebel utk comeback kali ini?

its been a long time i didnt update this blog....too dusty quite busy plus dont have internet line at home plus malas nak update...thats why la blog sy ni tak berupdate utk sekian lama...well just short and simple skang tgah mengajar students skolah menengah di is a new experience is really make me tired...teaching students that almost "same besar dgan cikgu" really challenge my patience...really make my temperature go over the limits but its ok...i'm still enjoyed  teaching them. berbezanyalah...students dulu dan sekarang...students skang...cikgu pun dorang nak ngorat...haishhh tu la susahnye jadi teacher yg cute ni..(hehe angkat bakul seperti selalu)...yang nakal skit je tapi yang jahat berlambak2...tu la yg menjadi masalahnye sekarang. this job really open up my mind to think twice about planning my future in educating fields...ohhh my gish...but till now, i still can handle them very well, if they dont want to listen to me...i just...cubit halus je...memang menyegat punyalah.hehehe.anyway if i got something new to tell you, i will post in this lovely blog.
my picture...taking this afternoon at my place in my school...teacher pun kadang2 poyo gak bila kat blik guru..hehe