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~ why I'm so n so n so nervous~ uhhhh

assalamualaikum and nunite everyone...owwwhhhh blog..thank God cuz u still with me..I'm nervous right now...really really nervous...don't know what to read..don't know what kind of questions they will ask me...don't know who will ask me the questions..whether he or she...I can't expect what type of questions they will ask me..maybe about the cars???erkkk...or maybe about their revaluation of the company. erk..or maybe what kind of services this company offered (there were so many expectations comes out from my mind)...ohhh what should I do?? heart beat so fast because I'm getting nervous when I'm thinking about what will happen in the interview room.."somebody save meeeee"...eheeee...

waaaaaaa....I'm DEAD...well as usual (exaggeration)..I'm not going to die lorrrr..eheee

chill out ziela...this is a new experience for you dear...u have to face it like a brave woman that has been expected to rule the world (haahaahaa...evil laugh)..there no impossible if you really get ready to face it...what you need to do is calm down first...and think logically okay?  eheee okay okay...humm what should  you do eh???? I'm blank too eheee...I mean.."Hey!!!...stop onlinking and fesbuking for 24/7 k ..just spent ur time maybe around 3 hours from now to read and practice of what you think that will be necessary for you in helping you success in the interview...owhh I know you can face it learn to cope with your nervous since first time you steps in  into  UKM right???..there just a simple and tiny and little nervous that u should delete from your mother board of your head...easy babeh..chill out and calm revision about that company...common gurl...if u manage to settle down ur thesis with a thousand pain and without " not dead yet"..I'm sure you will come out breathinglah..eheeee..okay okay...chaiyok chaiyok Noraziela..try your best on this hard and remember...stop onliking and fesbuking for a while...eheee

ps: I Love You ( brain stop thinking)

5 comment dari peminat:

Alynn Notnot said...

wow! all the best utk interview yaaa :D

Atiqah said...

dont get too nervous..insyaAllah u can do it

ziha said...

gud luck ziela!!

ziha said...

gud luck ziela!!

Miss Ziela said...

alynn notnot: tenqiu3..later sy blogwalking kat awk ye...arini nak kena menelaah...eheee

atiqah: i/Allah dear..

ZIha: tenqiu3..doakan aku taw darling..