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revolutionary of my "sayang"...

"why you put keciputkundang eh???" someone asking me about my blog's name...geeee...I dont know...I said in explanation the early stage when I'm started blogging...this name have been used by someone that I knew and  the word "keciputkundang" seem to be unique for me at that I 'curi-curi' this name and put it up there..yeaahh up there, at the url box..see.. it was in my plan to change this name to the other name...but since I have no 100% efforts to be a fully success blogger, so I think its was not a good time yet to change anything in my blog, especially the name of my url..I love my blog's theme...I love the colour of my blog's background (purple black with some flowers decoration would be fine for me forever)...I love the header with " cherite yang tiade kesudahanye"...but I think that I'm gonna change it soon with some catchy headers compare to the old one...but  I still can't think any bombastic words that suit as my blog's header. maybe " suzuran grounds" eheeee inspired by Japanese crow zero movies...o

or maybe tamao serizawa...heee.hee..hee.still Japanese stuff...or maybe" bismillahirahmanirahim"..haaaaaa ok what???...its okay..I'll find it later...and the song in my blog also need to be change...before this I used to put 'berchanda dimalam indah"...I love that song very much....but now its seem song of horror for me...let me think first...what type of song should I put in my blog that can represent myself to the readers...urghhh maybe I should sing by myself then put it in my blog laahhh. who knows I will be the singer someday (in your dream cik ziela..)....huuhuuhuu.okay okay okay...what else I need to change here eh????... (recalling) hummm it was long time ago when the first time I'm getting started blogging (tipu tipu not more than 3 years i guess)..if I'm gonna change everything inside my blog...I will do miss da old looks of my blog...half of my heart said " don't do it" and another half said " just do it"...maybe I need to rethink about my decision to edit the looks of my blog...( everyone leaving from bottom to the top...I want to experience it too...but I still have no guts to do it...perhaps...soon da time will come...and I'll just do it freely.

ps: why eh I'm so sleepy right now...urghuaaaahhhh...think I will have my sleep early tonight..ohhh bantal bucuk come to mommy...

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Anonymous said...

komen dr sorg yg nsem lg silap nsem gler:
1)xbek curi2 nme org la...ko nie...reke ayt sndri..
2)pasnie sume tuka jd blog islmic ckit tau..hahahaha...
3)blog ko bsuk sbb ko ad tlis bntal lumut ko...eeeeee..yekkk..
4)ak nsem x ziela...kikikikii.

Miss Ziela said...

1. baiklah t aku pikirkan ayat baik punyeee..
2. alamak...aku bukan ustazah la...guane?
3. motifff???tak logik lgsung doe
4.hahaha...ensem la..(bodek sbb ko slalu komen blog aku)
5. thanx bro=)